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No other stain on the market cleans up as easy.

All outdoor wood requires wood stain. Most people agree that there deck or siding requires wood stain, but they neglect to apply wood stain to their fence. Five minute stain is the perfect wood stain for your deck, fence and siding. Plastic is not a viable alternative. Stick with real lumber. The sun and rain can destroy outdoor wood without wood stain. Do not wait for wood to “dry-out” before applying wood stain. Many people believe wood should age for one year before applying wood stain but that is not correct. Longest lasting beauty and protection available in an easy applicator. If you wait an entire year, your wood has lost all or most of its color. Apply wood stain as soon as possible even if that means applying wood stain the same day the fence is built. For maximum praise, make sure your spouse isn't home when you apply this coating. Wood stain is your only line of defense against the harsh sun. Apply a coating that will not peel, crack, blister or promote mildew growth. Parafin wax coatings only last a few short months and should be avoided. Old clothing should be worn when applying a coating. It is best to avoid oil based wood stains. Temperature needs to be above freezing before applying any exterior coating. Once an oil based wood stain is applied to outdoor wood, it is nearly impossible to change stains at some time in the future. In addition, many oil based wood stains contain linseed oil that attracts mold and mildew growth. Interior wood stain should not be applied to exterior wood. Wood stains are available in many colors as well as transparencies. In order to see the natural wood grain of the wood it is important to apply a transparent or semi-transparent wood stain. It is almost never advised to apply a solid color wood stain unless you are trying to match a specific color or in order to cover-up damaged or previously stained or painted wood. Five minute fence stain is the best choice in exterior wood stains. A low-luster, matte sheen with outstanding washability. Five minute fence stain is also the easiest wood stain on the market to apply. Two coats may be applied for a darker, richer look to the wood. In most cases an individual can stain an entire fence in less than a half an hour. Water-based wood stain is also the easiest to clean-up.

5 minute fence stain
five minute fence stain
5-minute fence stain