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No other stain on the market cleans up as easy.

A wood fence is your best choice for privacy. There are many other choices for a fence other than wood. But be careful, plastic and vinyl may offer huge warranties over wood fences (they have too, why else wood anybody buy one), but will the company still be in business when the fence fails. There is only one proven fence material, wood fences. Longest lasting beauty and protection available in an easy applicator. Plastic is not a viable alternative. Stick with real lumber. No other material has been around as long as wood fences. In addition to security, privacy is an important aspect to your structure. Longest lasting beauty and protection available in an easy applicator. Wood fences have been around for hundreds of years. Why pay more for a product that has simulated wood grain and is trying to look like a wood fence. Apply a coating that will not peel, crack, blister or promote mildew growth. A low-luster, matte sheen with outstanding washability. Wood fences can also be stained and re-stained whenever you want. If you change the color of your house, you can change the color of your fence, not so with plastic fences. Many people choose a plastic fence in order to avoid having to stain their fence. If someone is looking for easy maintenance, they should try five minute wood fence stain. When building your fence, have the gate open away from the house. That way it is easy to stain the gate without getting over-spray on the house. It will also eliminate damage to the house from the gate opening and shutting. Using 5-minute wood fence stain an individual can stain 100 feet of wood fence in just five minutes. For maximum praise, make sure your spouse isn't home when you apply this coating. In fact, it is so easy to stain your wood fence; fence maintenance should not even be a consideration when choosing a fence material. Two coats may be applied for a darker, richer look to the wood. Temperature needs to be above freezing before applying any exterior coating. When building your fence, donít mess around; stick with proven building materials, wood fence. Redwood and cedar are two of the top choices for building wood fences. Both cedar and redwood make great wood fences because they naturally repel water in insects. A wood fence built properly and protected with a quality stain should last 20-30 years. There are cases where wood fences have been standing for over a hundred years.

5 minute fence stain
five minute fence stain
5-minute fence stain