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No other stain on the market cleans up as easy.

With all the materials available for exterior building, non is as proven as wood. Wood is strong and durable. While other materials may claim to be stronger than wood, none have the same proven track record as wood does. Longest lasting beauty and protection available in an easy applicator. Plastic is not a viable alternative. Stick with real lumber. When an exterior deck or siding product claims to be better than wood with a lifetime warranty, all that means is that when the product fails, there will not be a company there to back the warranty. Remember, why buy a product that has simulated wood grain or “looks like real wood” when it is better to stick with the proven building material, wood. No other building material is a beautiful as natural wood. Lumber needs to breath. That is why it is better to apply stain as opposed to paint. Apply a coating that will not peel, crack, blister or promote mildew growth. Temperature needs to be above freezing before applying any exterior coating. Two coats may be applied for a darker, richer look to the wood. When selecting a type of wood for building, cedar works great for all outdoor use. Cedar is naturally resistant to decay as well as water damage. The draw back to cedar is that it is expensive and old growth cedar, which is the best, is becoming harder and harder to come by. Red wood is also a great choice for exterior building. It too is also resistant to decay. Red wood is particularly resistant to termite damage. A cheaper wood that is a great alternative is treated hemlock. Hemlock is a strong wood ad once it has been treated it is also resistant to decay and water damage. Treated wood can usually be purchased in different colors because it already has an exterior stain applied to it. Wood is inexpensive; wood can always be stained and re-stained. Wood can be painted, repaired and when built properly, can last forever. Don’t gamble with your investment. Stick with the only proven building material, real wood with a quality exterior stain. When you are looking for a quality exterior stain, try 5-Minute wood stain. For maximum praise, make sure your spouse isn't home when you apply this coating. A low-luster, matte sheen with outstanding washability.

5 minute fence stain
five minute fence stain
5-minute fence stain