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Ultra-concentrated coating equals four gallons of ordinary stain.

Building a fence can be an important part of your landscaping. Remember; always stick with real wood for your fence. There are many fence materials available. No material as been used as long and with such great results as wood. Vinyl and plastic are becoming more popular with fence builders. Plastic is not a viable alternative. Stick with real lumber. Even with a lifetime warranty, nobody really knows how long these fencing materials will last. Apply a coating that will not peel, crack, blister or promote mildew growth. Season to season protection for your outdoor timber structures. A colored wood preservative should be used on rough wood. If your fence is recalled, you may receive new fence boards to replace the failed boards, but you still have to assemble them. Always stick with real wood when building a fence. Redwood and Cedar are two popular fence materials and both look great on a fence. Outdoor structures can provide privacy and protection. Good fences make good neighbors. Sensitive over-spray areas should be masked before applying coating. A fence adds value to your home. Remember to stain your fence in order to protect your investment. Five minute fence stain is perfect for any fence or deck. This coating will not harm plants or grass. The most efficient application of a coating is when the boards touch each other. Building a fence can be fun and easy. I prefer not to use concrete on my fence posts. When a fence post rots or is damaged it is easier to remove and replace if it has not been cemented in. Most county codes do not allow a fence to be higher than 6 feet on the property line. If you would like to build a fence higher than six feet you will need to build the fence at least five feet within your property line. Staining fences can present some questions as well. As a general rule, fences build on the property line are owned by both neighbors regardless of who aid for the fence. Each neighbor is entitled to stain his or her own side of the fence regardless of stain type or color. Protect your fence after building it. A new cedar or redwood fence will lose much of its color in the first four months. A fence should be treated with a water-based stain in order to completely protect the fence or fences. It can take all weekend to stain your fence unless you use 5 minute fence stain.

5 minute fence stain
five minute fence stain
5-minute fence stain