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Ultra-concentrated coating equals four gallons of ordinary stain.

Durability, ease of application and clean-up should all be considered when choosing an outdoor coating. 5 minute fence stain is a long lasting way to stain and beautify your fence. Plastic is not a viable alternative. Stick with real lumber. Season to season protection for your outdoor timber structures. This coating will not harm plants or grass. Outdoor structures can provide privacy and protection. Sensitive over-spray areas should be masked before applying coating. A colored wood preservative should be used on rough wood. Apply a coating that will not peel, crack, blister or promote mildew growth. When applied according to the label, this coating will not kill plants or grass. Over-spray that contacts your plant or grass can be rinsed off using the hose end applicator. 5 minute fence stain bonds to the wood fiber for added protection against the elements. Using 5 minute fence stain, one man can stain an entire fence in the same amount of time it takes 10 men to stain the same fence.

5 minute fence stain
five minute fence stain
5-minute fence stain